How to resolve ambiguity for homographs and polysemy using NLP technology

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Ambiguity is one of the biggest challenges in NLP. When trying to understand the meaning of a word we consider several different aspects, such as the context in which it is used, our own knowledge of the world, and how a given word is generally used in society. Words change meaning over time and can also mean one thing in a certain domain and another in a different one. This phenomenon can be observed in homographs — two words that happen to be written in the same way, usually coming from different etymologies — and polysemy — one word that…

A brief tutorial on how to retrieve and visualize hidden relevant data in textual documents, using the NL API.

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If you have ever worked with text datasets, you know how difficult it is to retrieve central information in the dataset, avoiding noise or redundancy. Many approaches can get good results if you want to train your own model, but this requires time and resources. In the following tutorial we will explore how to retrieve hidden information in texts using NL API Python SDK, that requires no model training, and then visualize the results in graphs that can be added to a report.

What is NL API?

The Natural Language API is a service developed by, that can be used to…

Laura Gorrieri

Academic background in NLP and in Philosophy, nowadays interested in Data Science and ML, I’m a curious person and a humanist at heart.

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